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I’ll start off by saying I have been a ridiculous Megumi Stan since I was fourteen. I can’t remember if I heard her music first in Slayers or Sorcerer Hunters. I believe I really noticed it first in Slayers though. It was the ending song of one of the OVAs, and the song was Kagiri nai no yokubo no Naka ni. I loved it immensely and headed over to Napster to illegally download all her music. Hey, It’s not like I could get ahold of it any other way at that time! >_>;

I didn’t get to hear her voice acting for a while because I only bought English dubbed VHS tapes. I quickly became absolutely obsessed with her music and listened to it every single day on my crappy little MP3 player that only held maybe 10 songs. A couple years passed and I got a DVD player, so no more VHS tapes. I could finally watch the original Japanese and hear her beautiful voice acting!

She has voiced so many of my favorite characters and brings her own life and charm to them. Girl-type Ranma, Rei Ayanami, Tira Misu, Lina Inverse, Canal Vorfeed, and so many more I came to love so much! Also her music was unique to the other Jpop of the day, at least I personally thought so. She had her own sound.

If I had to pick a favorite album, which is kinda difficult, I would have to pick Bertemu. There’s not a song on that album I don’t like!

Anyhow, if you are a fan of jpop and anime (especially 90s anime) you must check out her music, and I would definitely start with Bertemu if you’ve never heard her before (which is kind of unlikely since she is such a prolific seiyuu) and I really believe anyone can enjoy her music and voice acting. Again, I can’t recommend it enough.