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Black Wings ~
Opened: 14th November 2022
Members: 100 ( + 0 )
My first BL anime! I had no idea what BL/shounen ai was when I watched this and was kind of surprised when they...became one O_O But it set off a decades long love of BL for me.

Poisonous ~
Ninja Scroll
Opened: 14th November 2022
Members: 37 ( + 0 )
Oh my goodness, the memories associated with this one. I saw it when I was 14 (I shouldn't have been watching it, it's VERY adult oriented) while sitting in my basement at 2 AM with one of my best friends. My friends even gave me an old VHS of it, and even though the picture had a green tint, I was thankful. They knew how much I loved it.

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