SILENT Network has been around in one form or another since 2004. I joined my first fanlistings in 2002, and decided to try running my own. You may also notice the subjects I'm a fan of (owned and joined) are diverse. It's because I love many, many things. I've had 30+ years on this planet to amass different interests & passions and I've worked damn hard at it.

The current layout was made for me by Lorian! It features characters from one of my favorite game series, Silent Hill, and yes, the domain name is somewhat related. I originally wanted silent.nu, but it's taken at the moment.

I'm a friendly person, so if you want to be affiliates, or just ask a question, shoot me an email.

Domain Info
Registered in November of 2023.
Registrar: Porkbun. Their .am domains are about 40 USD cheaper :O
Hosting: Lysianthus. Thank you!